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Partner with FikrFree

Partnership Model

  • We are looking for someone who can help us grow in the Indian tourist market by integrating FikrFree services
  • As a partner of FikrFree, you generate leads for us and continue to focus on your core services and let FikrFree manage the delivery and logistics part of the customized order
  • Partners will have a secured access to financial information relating to your account
  • FikrFree will list you as a trusted partner for further business opportunities


Benefits  We believe, together we can make a difference by promoting family business across India. Travel worry free.

Financial Benefits

  • Revenue share
  • No investment
  • No share in losses
  • Customer exchange and retention opportunity


Strategic Benefits

  • Collaborative marketing
  • Increased traffic for your website
  • Your customers will benefit from FikrFree services
  • Increased trust factor for google indexing


For further discussions reach us at info@fikrfree.com.